School News March 2014

Here comes the news from our 4 schools: Canadian Secondary Wenzhou No. 22 School, Jiaxing Senior High School, Luwan Senior High School and Shanghai Nanyang Model High School. Wenzhou News: School prepares for upcoming English Fair. Students continue to practice and hone collaboration skills, as they work on team projects for the English Fair coming…

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high school sust

Students drive sustainability awareness

Students at Lord Byng Secondary have discovered that nearly all of the garbage they create is recyclable, given the proper facilities. As part of a “garbage audit” last week, a group of students gathered up a day’s worth of trash – about 30 large garbage bags worth – and stacked it up in the schoolyard,…

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Adopt-A-School campaign helps 51 schools

A total of 51 schools across the province have been approved for Adopt-A-School funds to feed, clothe and help teachers deal with the effects of education funding cutbacks that have hit B.C.’s neediest children the hardest. This year’s campaign raised more than $400,000 in donations from Vancouver Sun readers. The money came from companies, organizations,…

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ubc waste audit

UBC student group conducts SUB waste audit

You might not think too hard about what you throw in the garbage, but one student group certainly does. On Wednesday, March 19, Common Energy held their first annual waste audit. Volunteers sorted through a day’s worth of trash from the SUB to show students what they’re throwing away. “What we wanted to do was…

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Rally calls on province of BC to restore ESL funding

Saeideh Ghaffarifar wants to return to her career as a family physician. “If I want to work as a medical doctor here, I need to understand every word of my patients,” said Ghaffarifar, who entered Canada as a skilled worker. The woman, who emigrated from Iran with her family has been improving her English at…

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Vancouver architecture students build stage for TED2014

If the motto for TED, the high-powered technology, entertainment and design conference in Vancouver this week is “ideas worth spreading,” Michael Green has quite literally taken that to a new stage. When the first speakers began their talks Monday on TED’S so-called community stage, they did so against a five-metre high backdrop that Green, a…

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Students use amateur radio to speak to astronaut

Richmond high school students became the first in Metro Vancouver and the fourth in B.C. to use ham radios to speak with an astronaut on board the International Space Station on Thursday. More than 1,000 students at H. J. Cambie Secondary School watched a handful of their peers ask questions of Japanese astronaut Koicho Wakata…

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To counter racism, stop trying to be “culture blind”

I’ve finally figured out why so many Canadians are confused about racism. My clarity emerged during a conversation about multiculturalism with Ara Norenzayan, a social psychologist at the University of B.C., who was raised in Lebanon. We agreed key values underlying Canada’s “multicultural mosaic” are these: Avoid stereotyping, emphasize our common humanity, assume people are…

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